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Welcome to the International School Groningen.

The International School Groningen serves the needs of the International Community in the north of the Netherlands. Situated close to the city of Groningen the school is easily accessible by road and public transport.

Through the International Baccalaureate Organisation

the school provides high quality English language

education in a pleasant, secure and stimulating

environment to students aged from 11 to 18.



Latest news and information:

Date: 23-10-14
MYP Parents
MYP Information Evening

The annual MYP information evening will be held on October 29, starting with coffee at 19:15 in the Aula of the Maartenscollege

Vital for all MYP parents (especially MYP4!)

Please see invitatation... click here

Date: 22-10-14
School Community
Dropping off and collecting students

Due to damage to the trees we have had to alter the layout of the access to the International School, via the Rijksstraatweg. We must therefore ask parents to not enter the driveway to drop off or collect students. We had a very near accident this week with parents reversing down the driveway. We therefore ask again, for the safety of our community, if students can be dropped off and collected from the parking area at the Shell garage/BeQuick stadium.

There is adequate parking and a safe short walk to school.

Thank you.

Date: 10-10-14
School Community

The school will begin with a new timetable from Monday 20 October. This will remain in place until the 2nd half year timetable, issued in February, 2015

In emergency situations we may have to make minor changes, and these wil be communicated in a separate email to students who are affected by these changes.

The new timetable can be seen here - please check for week 43, 'klasroosters' and choose your class (stamgroep). Students in DP (not MYP) can also use 'leerlingroosters' and then select their name or use their student number.

Where an 'i' is shown this refers to extra information which cannot fit in the space allowed and does not reflect a free lesson!




Date: 26-09-14
School Community
ISG & PSG Meet and Greet Fair

The recent PSG evening of "Meet and Greet the teacher" was an enormous success. An evening of fun and fundraising. It was a fantastic opportunity for parents, staff and students to come together socially.
The PSG worked extremely hard to coordinate and organise the evening and it could not have gone better!
One of our students, Kristina from MYP4 filmed it and has produced a short edited version of the evening's events....


Please click for the video and the photogallery or just Read More below!

Date: 22-09-14
Study Hall

From 19 Sept, study hall will start again! (UPDATED)


MYP2&3 it will be arranged on Wednesdays 5th & 6th hours in room 085

MYP1,4&5 it will be arranged on Wednesdays 8th & 9th hours in room 074

This time is available for homework catchup, missed tests and also, when necessary, detention

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