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Welcome to the International School Groningen.

The International School Groningen serves the needs of the International Community in the north of the Netherlands. Situated close to the city of Groningen the school is easily accessible by road and public transport.

Through the International Baccalaureate Organisation

the school provides high quality English language

education in a pleasant, secure and stimulating

environment to students aged from 11 to 18.



Latest news and information:

Date: 24-09-14
School Community
School Closure

On Monday 6 October the International School will be closed due to an inservice training Day for the MYP. There will be no classes for MYP1-5. DP1 and 2 will have a special activity day, to be announced.

Date: 29-09-14
DP1 and 2

The DP extended essay day is on Monday October 6

DP1 - Physics Test at 8.20

DP1 - Extended Essay Kick off 9.30 (all students)

DP1 full programme - click here

DP2 -  work on your essay at home

Date: 26-09-14
School Community
ISG & PSG Meet and Greet Fair

The recent PSG evening of "Meet and Greet the teacher" was an enormous success. An evening of fun and fundraising. It was a fantastic opportunity for parents, staff and students to come together socially.
The PSG worked extremely hard to coordinate and organise the evening and it could not have gone better!
One of our students, Kristina from MYP4 filmed it and has produced a short edited version of the evening's events....


Please click for the video and the photogallery or just Read More below!

Date: 22-09-14
MYP5 Careers and Education Fair

As part of the school's post MYP5 orientation programme ALL MYP 5 pupils will attend an educational fair at the Martiniplaza on Friday the 3rd of October from 13.00-15.00...




Date: 22-09-14
Study Hall

From 19 Sept, study hall will start again! (UPDATED)


MYP2&3 it will be arranged on Wednesdays 5th & 6th hours in room 085

MYP1,4&5 it will be arranged on Wednesdays 8th & 9th hours in room 074

This time is available for homework catchup, missed tests and also, when necessary, detention

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