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PSG News


ISG International Lunch - Friday 26 June 2015



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Soccer Tournament 2015 - DP2 for the 5th time champion


On Friday 20 March DP2 won our yearly soccer tournament for the 5th time (they started when they were MYP3). MYP5 came second, DP1 third and MYP4 fourth. MYP1 and MYP2 played very well and are very promising for next year's tournament.



The after game dinner was enjoyed by many. Our buffet was complimented with a great selection of delicious desserts brought in by students and parents. A big thank you to everyone who helped to make this evening a success. 


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Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas) visits the ISG


Friday the 5th December Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas) visited the ISG once again. He spent time in each and every classroom accompanied by one of his Piets, who kindly handed out the traditional chocolate letter to everyone. Some students appeared a bit thrown by the way in which Piet hands out sweets called "pepernoten".


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Friday 19 September 2014 - Welcome Back to School Meet & Greet Fair 2014


On Friday 19 September the ISG and its Parents' Support Group welcomed many teachers, parents, students and siblings to the annual WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL MEET & GREET FAIR and PSG FUNDRAISING EVENT. It was a great opportunity to informally meet teachers and other parents, and catch up with friends. Many thanks to all those who came and helped making this evening a success. The overall total is still being determined but we raised well in excess of the €475 last year and look forward to updating you in due course. Your support and the money raised will benefit our student community greatly.


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International Day @ ISG - 28 May 2014


On 28 May 2014 we celebrated our first International Day. The event was organised by the Parents' Support Group with help and support from the ISG. 


First the International Assembly was held with speeches from Mike Weston, Head of ISG, and Tamar Muntslag (DP1) followed by country introductions. Then there was time to look at all the students' International Passports. The second part of the programme consisted of Workshops and an International Buffet.


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Soccer Tournament: Friday 21 March 2014

The annual ISG Soccer Tournament 2014 held on Friday the 21st March was won by DP1-1. MYP4 Boys became second. They won all the MYP matches, but lost in the finale against DP1-1. DP2 Men secured third place as they won the match against MYP4-5 Mix.  

The PSG would like to thank all those students, staff and parents that worked hard to make this event happen.



Sinterklaas visits ISG


On the 5th of December Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas) visited the ISG. Together with one of his Piets he visited all the classrooms and brought for every student and teacher a chocolate letter. Piet brought the big Red Book and in every class Sint talked to some of the students, giving them a compliment or advising them to try to change something in their behaviour the coming year.


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Welcome Back to School Meet & Greet Fair


On Friday 13 September we welcomed many parents, students and teachers to our Welcome Back to School Meet & Greet Fair, a fundraising event with the opportunity to meet and greet a good number of teachers. The evening was highly successful and proves that there is no need to fear Friday the 13th. Many of you tried out the games on offer, checked out all the different stalls and enjoyed a variety of food. Drinks were provided by the ISG.


We would like to thank everyone who contributed and supported our yearly fundraising event and made it a success. A special thank you to parents and many students helping out with setting up, running the games and clearing up afterwards.


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PSG Treasurer


After many years Joke Kerstma has stepped down as Treasurer. We would like to thank Joke for her excellent contribution to the PSG. We are delighted that a new member has come forward to fill the post and welcome Paula Kipling as our new PSG Treasurer.


Dutch speaking ISG parent needed


As the ISG is a part of Maartenscollege it is important that the ISG is represented at Maartenscollege Parent Council (Ouderraad) meetings.
We are currently looking for a Dutch speaking ISG parent to attend the OURA meetings at Maartenscollege. The Parents Council meets 5-6 times per year.
If you are interested or if you would like further details, please email Aletta Dessalegne Faber.


MYP 5 winning team for three consecutive years


Our annual soccer tournament has taken place on Friday 22 March 2013. This year's MYP 5 has won for the third year running.



This year's challenge:

They won as MYP 3 and MYP 4.

Can your team beat this year's MYP 5, the winning team for two consecutive years?

Answer: No, clearly not.



PSG contribution


We just wanted to thank parents and guardians who have already paid the PSG contribution. About 50% of you have paid the €25 that was on your school fee invoice in September.

For those who didn't get around to making the payment or if your employer pays the school fees and you have maybe forgotten to make a separate payment for the PSG, we kindly ask that you do so as soon as possible. We do such great things with the money you give us, for example: On the 5th of December we celebrated the Dutch Sinterklaas with a personal chocolate letter (his/her initial) for each student and member of staff handed out by Sint and Piet.
If you no longer have the bank account number, please send Charlotte an email ( and she will be happy to send you the details.


Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas) visits the ISG



Once again on 5th December Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas) came to visit the ISG. As in previous years the PSG had used its influence to make sure our international community was included in His Holiness'  busy schedule.
Sinterklaas and his helper, Zwarte Piet, went through the whole school visiting each and every class room. During the visit Zwarte Piet was handing out the traditional chocolate letters to students and staff alike. The tradition to hand out sweets to those who have been good (and
hard working) seemed to go down well with everyone including those unfamiliar with Sinterklaas.


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