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What does the PSG do?

We talk to the management and staff about concerns we hear from the parents and try to help to solve any problems. A view from the parents’ side can be an eye opener for the staff. An insight in the staff’s heavy workload lets the parents realise the limitations and problems the staff are facing. This helps the parents to understand their point of view and clear the air as well.

We also bring to attention items that should be addressed. Some examples:

> To get to the D-Building from the Esserberg the students had to walk through the Maartens smoking area. We convinced Maartens to move the smoking area to another location.
> We brought to the attention of the management that we as parents want to take our kids during the Spring Break without them having to study the whole holiday for the Test Week. This has been postponed some days for more breathing space.
> We convinced the staff to hand the students their tests back to learn from their mistakes.

We organise


Special evenings around a certain subject. In previous years we


asked Mr. Weston and Ms Eschweiler to answer all kinds of questions about the IB and MYP. We asked Ms Jansma and the career counselor Ms. Rijgersberg to answer any questions we had on DP and University admittance. 

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organised a Drugs Awareness Day for 3 groups: the staff to help them to improve the recognition of usage, for the parents a lot of information about how to recognise the telltale signals and for the students a question round to ask what they want to know.


Yearly events

> The yearly Soccer Tournament with teams from all classes which includes a Family Potluck Dinner: the PSG takes care of the complete organisation, adds copious amounts of side dishes of food to the Potluck, pays for the drinks, medals for the winners and each player receives a green/white vane to thank them for their participation.
> Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas): each student and teachers receives a chocolate letter in their own initial, packaged and handed out by Sinterklaas and/or Zwarte Piet. We bought both suits in the last 2 years, still need a nicer beard.
> Teacher Appreciation Lunch: We offer the Management and Staff at their last school year meeting a nice lunch to show our appreciation of their hard work.
> Careers Afternoon for MYP4-5 in which we ask people to come and talk about their career.


We assist and support


> The Christmas celebrations: We assist sometimes with Hot Chocolate and Cookies, sometimes organising a Potluck Lunch and sometimes prepare a Lunch for all the students.
> The Spring/Summer projects: We assist at and offer a hotdog lunch with a lot of side dishes to celebrate the end of it.
> We hand out treats, fruit, juice and water to the DP2 students in the breaks between 2 exams.
> We fund the Wim Koopman awards which are awarded every year to students, both from the MYP and the DP section for not just academically excellence but also for being a great example to the other students how to work together, how treat one another well, how to help each other to have a great school environment in the school where your child feels safe.

We represent


> The ISG in the Parent Council of the Maartenscollege
> We also exchange information and discuss important items with representatives of the PSG’s of the other Dutch International Secondary Schools which form the IPSSG. The IPSSG stays in contact with the Boards of these schools, the ministry of Education and other institutions dealing with International Education in the Netherlands.