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ISG Expectations

Our expectations are simple:


"Teachers should be allowed to teach and students should be allowed to learn"


Behaviour should fall within this simple statement. Any behaviour that prevents this cannot be tolerated.



In addition, the following is agreed:


In our school we care…

for each other…

• we are supportive
• we are respectful and polite in our words and our actions
• we listen to others

for our learning…

• we are responsible for our own learning
• we are on time and prepared
• we stick to deadlines

for our environment…

• we keep our surroundings clean and tidy




In any institution there are, of course more specific rules and regulations, adapted each each and made relevant to the year levels.


These are renewed at the start of every school year and can be accessed below:



Other information/policies


Procedure for stopping with a subject in MYP4&5 2016.pdf