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Admission to the International School Groningen is governed by regulations set in place by the Dutch Government.


Students who wish to enter the school MYP (age 11-16) must fall into one of the following catagories:


  1. have a non-Dutch nationality or also have a non-Dutch nationality and have at least one parent/guardian who works in the Netherlands or in the border region of the Netherlands for a specific period of time, or


  1. have the Dutch nationality, have spent a longer period abroad, because at least one of the parents/guardians has worked abroad for a specific period of time, as a result of which the pupil has attended school there for more than two years, or


  1. have the Dutch nationality and who can show, by means of an employer's testimonial or another kind of certificate, that the parents/guardians will be dispatched abroad within two years and that the pupil will move abroad with them.


Students who wish to enter the school's DP (16-18) need to show only a recommendation from their current teacher(s) that they are able pass into the programme. They will also be required to display this academic standard by taking entrance tests and attend interview at the school. Admittance to the school's DP remains at the discretion of the school's Diploma Coordinator and senior managemant team. 




MYP (11-16 years of age)

DP (16-18 years of age)

MYP1 = US Grade 6 / UK Year 7

DP1 = US Grade 11 / UK Year 12

MYP2 = US Grade 7 / UK Year 8

DP2 = US Grade 12* / UK Year 13

MYP3 = US Grade 8 / UK Year 9


MYP4 = US Grade 9 / UK Year 10


MYP5 = US Grade 10 / UK Year 11




Application Procedure:


Whether you would simply like to register your interest or begin the application procedure right away, please use the link at the bottom of the page to start the application process.


Applications are accepted all year round based on the availability in classes and if the criteria has been met in regards to regulations mentioned above. However, we encourage you to apply as early as possible to avoid disappointment.


*Applications to DP2 can only be accepted if a student has completed and passed the first year of the Diploma Programme. If a student is transferring from another international school then only after consultation with the DP Coordinator and taking subjects choices, grades and class availability into consideration, will your application be accepted.


Please also provide details regarding your eligibility for entrance - see here


After receipt of the Registration of Interest form an appointment can be made with either the deputy head MYP (age 11-16) or the deputy head DP (16-18).


Please be aware that admission to the school will be confirmed only after it has been established by the Head of School (or his representative) that the programme is appropriate for the child’s needs and a place is available.

Submission of either the pre-registration or the admission form does not assume acceptance of the student by the school.


Final confirmation of placement will be confirmed by the school within 6 weeks of the completed application documentation and, if appropriate, receipt of the administration fee.


Further opportunities include a tour of the school and also a trial day in class.


For further information, please do not hesitate to contact the school (


To start the application process, please click here.


Other information: