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MYP Students' Careers Page


If you are finishing MYP5, but not going to do DP, you still have plenty of options.




If you don't know what you want to do, you might start by taking a personality test:
Myers Briggs: (free but limited)
Myers Briggs: (costs $175, but is much more detailed)




If you speak Dutch more or less fluently, the next step could be to go to an MBO.


At there is lots of information, including about MBO-opleidingen.



If your Dutch isn't particularly good, but you intend to stay in the Netherlands, there are two options:


  1. You could spend a year improving your Dutch and then enroll in an MBO.
  2. You could enroll in one of the English-language MBO programmes: click here for a list.






If you don't speak Dutch or don't want to stay in the Netherlands, you could study somewhere else.


  1. There are probably MBO-equivalent programmes in your home country. In English it is often called 'vocational education.'
  2. You could go and study at an MBO-equivalent in the UK, which is often called a 'foundation course'. Click here to explore all of the options.
  3. Or you could click here and choose 'career-based and foundation' in the pull-down menu on the right.

Chances are that you'll have to contact each school you're interested in applying to individually to find out whether the MYP certificate is sufficient to be accepted to their programme. If you do this, please let me know ( so that I can build up a list of where the MYP certificate is accepted!