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Leaving the School


Parents of students who intend to leave the school permanently must inform the school as soon as possible. We are not allowed to unregister a student unless we have received confirmation from the new school that the student is regaistered with them.


Parents requiring official school documentation must give at least two weeks notice for this documentation to be produced.

Please also be aware that copies of reports dating back more than 3 years may take considerably longer.


Legal requirements through Dutch educational law


Dutch law states that your son/daughter must be registered at a school or college/institute of further/higher education until the age of 18.

We are unable to remove the registration of your child at the International School Groningen until we have a formal notification from another school/college that they are registered there.


If your son/daughter has registered at a new school/college, but the course they are taking does not start until a few months after September, your child must either stay registered with us or has to be immediately registered at this new institution.


Registration at an institution also requires regular attendance and we are obliged to note this and submit this documentation, when requested, to the school attendance officer (leerplichtambtenaar).


If you are awaiting registration at a new institution then please make contact with the school attendance officer (leerplichtambtenaar) for Groningen (contact details: workdays, between 08.00 - 17.00, by telephone: 050 - 367 61 11).


If your child is studying and therefore registered in another institution in the Netherlands please contact us with the full details of the institution, including, if possible their ‘Brn Number’.


If your child is studying in another country please you contact us with full details. In addition you must inform your local gemeente that your child is studying outside of the Netherlands.



Please do not hesitate to contact the school should you have a question on this matter.