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Summer Holidays
Date: 21-07-17

The school is now closed for the summer holidays and will not open again until Wednesday 30th August.

If you wish to contact the school then please send an email to:, but please allow 5 working days for an answer.


The students are expected back to school on either Tuesday 5th of September for DP2 or Wednesday for MYP1-5 and DP1.

Below you will find links to all the information they will need regarding the start of the school year.



Introduction day MYP1-3 2017-2018.pdf

Required Materials MYP1-5.pdf



MYP 1st week programme MYP45 DP1 2017.pdf

Trip to Groningen University MYP4&5.pdf

Required Materials MYP1-5.pdf



Letter to DP1 re start of the year.pdf



Letter to DP2 students re start of year.pdf


Information for the School Trip to Krakow, Poland for MYP4, MYP5 and DP1

First Letter to Parents.pdf

School Trip Rules and Behaviour form.pdf

Bank Details.pdf


We wish you all a lovely summer and look forward to seeing you in September.



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