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Xmas Film
Date: 01-12-17

Dear Parents & Students of MYP1-5,


As part of the school´s extra curricula activities all MYP1-5 pupils will be going to see a  surprise film at ImagesForum in Groningen on Thursday the 21st of December 2017 between 13.00 and 14.45.


All MYP lessons will be cancelled after 4th hour at 12.00 noon. MYP1-3 pupils will be accompanied to the cinema as there will be staff and older pupils travelling either by bus or bike. Bikers will leave school at 12.35 after pupils have eaten their lunch. Pupils travelling by bus will need to meet outside the Esserberg at 12.25 in order to catch the number 50 bus leaving at 12.31 arriving at 12.42 at the bus station to walk to the cinema.


All MYP4+5 pupils not accompanying MYP1-3 for Service as action will need to make their own way to ImagesForum and be outside the cinema at 13.00 on Thursday the 21st of December where school staff will be waiting to accompany them into the cinema.


The film will start at 13.15 and finishes at 14.45. When the film finishes all MYP pupils will need to make their own way home.


This activity is instead of normal school based lessons and although extracurricular all MYP pupils must attend. 


If students are going to the cinema by bus then they will need to either bring €2 or their OV Chipcards to pay for their journey to the cinema.


The address details for ForumImages is:

Hereplein 73

9711 GD Groningen


We are sure that the Christmas film treat will be a good one and that pupils will enjoy the going to the film with their class experience.


We are looking forward to it.

If you have any questions please email Caroline Bennett at


With kind regards,

MYP1-5 Mentors

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